The College of Media and Design is a professional college dedicated to the creativity and design of cultural and artistic products, digital reproduction and communication, integrated manufacturing and value-added services for the modern cultural creativity, digital publishing and mobile multimedia industries. There are three departments in the college: Department of Digital Media technology, Department of Art Design, and Department of New Media Communication. And there are 2 master's stations in digital media technology (academic master) and art (professional master). The college offers 5 undergraduate majors, namely,   Digital Media Technology, Communication Science, Industrial Design, Product Design and Digital Media Art.

  The college of Media and Design has a strong faculty, which has a group of well-known professors and experts both at home and abroad as well as young and middle-aged academic backbones. There are 82 faculty members, 71 full-time teachers, among them, one is talent of second-level of university, one is specially appointed professor, 12 are professors, 19 are associate professors, and 33 members have PHD. There are 2 leading personnel of the national press and publishing industry, 1 talent in a group of five of the Zhejiang Provence Publicity and Cultural System, and 2 third-level talents of the The 151 talent project of new century in Zhejiang Province. And there are more than ten guest professors and part-time professors, 1 doctoral supervisor and 19 master supervisors. The college has set up 14 professional laboratories, including the experimental teaching demonstration center of Zhejiang Provence, which is “Industrial Product Design Experimental Teaching Center, and advantageous discipline with characteristics of laboratories in Colleges and Universities jointly built by Central and local governments, which is Modern Media Technology Laboratory, Green Packaging Materials and Packaging Safety Laboratory, Printing and Packaging Digital Technology Laboratory, and Zhejiang Provincial Finance Special Laboratory, which was “Digital Omani-media Teaching Center, Modern Printing Technology Experimental Center, etc.

  The college has actively engaged in the work of international education and industry-university-research education . We have established strategic partnerships with many universities and enterprises, including the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, the Florida International University in United States, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Taiwan University of Arts, and the University of Southern Denmark, the Dublin City University of Ireland, and Asia Packaging Center, China Institute of Printing Science and Technology, American X-Rite Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Publishing Group, Zhejiang Printing Group, Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore Group, Hangzhou Daily Group and other scientific research institutes and leading enterprises in the industry. The college has developed the cooperation with them in teachers and students international academic exchanges, inter-university visits, industry-university-research cooperation, 2+2, 3+1, 4+1 projects and other international cooperative education projects, laying a good foundation for the growth of students. 

 The students of college have achieved many awards, including the German Red Dot Design Grand Prix, the World Packaging Star Contest, the Gold and Silver Awards of the College Student Advertising Art Contest, the Industrial Design Contest, the Multimedia Design Contest, the German Manroland Printing Technology Talent Award, the gold medal of Zhejiang Provincial Network Design Competition and the first team award in Printing Skills Operation Competition and other international and domestic awards. Graduates are favored by employers for their solid basic theory, excellent professional knowledge, and outstanding practical skills. Average employment rate of graduates is always remaining above 96%, which has received a good social reputation and social evaluation.

  The college is implementing the developing college strategy of “based on Zhejiang, facing the country, relying on industry, and leading development”. Seizing the historical opportunities of the development of national culture, the construction of smart Zhejiang and creative Hangzhou, keeping up with the international advanced level, and relying on digital IT, the college will creatively establish a new teaching model which lead the development of the industry, build a large stage with unique professional characteristics for young talents to show their talents, and cultivate high-level applied talents with good humanities and artistic accomplishments as well as innovative spirits and professional qualities in theory and practice.